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    I have been a long time user of ACR and Phocus, I don’t use (have owned it since inception) LightRoom on a regular basis.

    Just wondering what software are you using to process DNG files from your S camera? Do you use a custom color profile, or any other non standard processes?

    Let me know.

    Thank you,

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    Great question, Giorgio. I use Lr for my processing and during import I apply my personal S2 preset with the following:

    White balance As Shot
    Clarity +7
    Vibrance +4
    Everything else at zero

    Sharpening: 40, 1,0, 30, 10 and Noise Reduction: 7, 50, 0, 25, 50, 50

    I have Enable Profile Corrections checked, and that’s it. These settings are just a starting point, of course. That’s why they are quite conservative. But than again, I don’t find the S2 files to need lots of PP, as they already look quite good right out of the box, so to speak. Furthermore, after setting the WB, I always apply Auto Corrections, just to see what Adobe thinks the photo should look like. Most often this makes the photo look over exposed to my eyes. So than I set Exposure back to zero again. From there I play with the sliders until I’m happy.

    There’s not much choice in PP software for the S System, but since Leica and Adobe work closely together, Lr/ACR is probably the best option anyway. Though as it happens, just this week I filed a request for camera support over at DXO Optics Pro. I’d really like to see what that software could do with the S DNG’s. And than of course there’s Iridient an RPP which are interesting to try.

    Hope this helps!


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    David K

    I use LR for basic adjustments and then move into Photoshop for things like skin retouching, etc. From a workflow perspective LR and Photoshop work seamlessly. Right click on an image in LR, choose edit in Photoshop, make the edits, close and save and the finished image is back in LR. From there I export it in the format and size needed. I don’t use profiles because I shoot such a wide variety of subjects in different lighting scenarios…people, landscape, product…with and without strobes…and have found that no one preset is right for all those scenarios. I typically shoot Color Checker Passport to get a starting point for my WB…and I have my camera’s WB set to the appropriate lighting…but never to Auto. I want a constant WB that I can sync to in LR. Over the years I have learned to trust my eyes when it comes to post processing. Simple as it may sound…this has actually been one of the more difficult things for me to learn. If you’re the type of person who watches tutorials I’d recommend George Jardine’s …they are the best I’ve come across.


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    I’ve put the H camera down and have been using the S almost exclusively for about 6 months now.

    I process in ACR, and use the Leica S profile. I always use a color checker. I am finding that the color is a little differnt from the H (Phocus) files but I have to say I now like the S camera files more than any other.

    Funny how I am a creature of habit though, I still take the H kit with me as back up and justify this by convincing myself that I’ll need (use) some of the lenses. Hah.

    So far so good, the S camera has truly impressed me.


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