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If you read my pre-NAB announcement of Sound Devices new MixPre-3 and MixPre-6 mixer/recorder/USB interfaces, you'll know how much I was looking forward to checking them out in person in Las Vegas. Starting at just $649, these little recorders offer up legendary Sound Devices quality with gorgeous-sounding custom preamps, analog and digital limiters, 32-bit A/D converters, multiple power options, clean and intuitive controls and a cool IPS color touchscreen interface. The MixPre line should fit the bill for those looking to do on-the-go sound recording, videographers, podcasters, YouTube producers, and anyone else wanting to up their audio game in a big way. Audio pros have trusted Sound Devices for 20 years for good reason, but that amazing quality has always come at a steep price. The MixPre looks to change that perception and make Sound Devices available to a broader audience.

Gabriel from Sound Devices was kind enough to walk me though some of the features and thinking behind these new units. Check out the video for full details. If you are thinking of ordering a MixPre, please do so at Leica Store Miami.

Hoping to do a full review when the units start shipping this month. Stay tuned.



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