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When we arrived at Monument Valley we were welcomed by a sand storm. The first picture is from that evening and luckily when the sun went down the storm went away as well.

The next morning we had beautiful clear weather followd by a great morning tour with Clint from Monument Valley Safari, even if we booked with another company, but this is another story. We spent a couple of hours in the valley and Clint showed us some very nice spots to take pictures. It becomes quite a Safari and at some point I felt like to stopping and just being there. Often for me it is a conflict between taking your time, being there and maybe you are getting a picture or hey let's move on, there are thousands of other places to see and obviously to take a picture of. At the end we visited the very old Navajo lady who has an uncountable number of grandchildren and she showed us a little bit of the work she has done in the past. Lovely.

The following picture is made with the D-LUX5. 😉

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