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As the new Leica S-Camera Microprism Screen begins to ship in the United States, and with the Leica S-Camera Screen with Grid currently available, we have created a handy instructional video that demonstrates how to install a focusing screen in your Leica S2 body. Thankfully, the procedure is very straightforward and Leica includes the necessary installation accessories with all new focusing screens.

This video was shot with the new Leica V-Lux 3 digital camera in full 1080p HD. Both audio and video were captured using the camera and no additional recording accessories.

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  1. Jack MacD

    Nicely done Josh, very steady hands! No coffee that day?
    I noticed that your screen did not have what some call the “second tab” which I read confused some people who installed the screen. But your video clearly shows you want to grab the tab that is on the left bottom of the screen, just as the tab is on the left of the screen being removed.

  2. melantye

    Josh you should post a video on how to keep steady hands like that 😀 i just scratched one screen…

  3. David Farkas

    Actually…. I was the hand model on the video. Josh did the voice-over.

    My secret: no coffee or soda for the last 15 years or so. 🙂

  4. billhart

    Josh did you clean the mirror box in the camera before replacing the screen? If so, how and what equipment do you recommend?

  5. Josh Lehrer


    I did not clean anything other than the focusing screen with the included brush before installing. I generally avoid cleaning the inside of the camera other than a quick burst of air over the sensor with a Giottos blower bulb every now and then.

  6. David K

    Finally picked mine up today and had David do the installing honors. Something to be aware of if you get one and do it yourself is that apparently they are delivered upside down in the case. Obvious if you’ve done it before but thought I would mention it for the do it yourself’ers…

  7. Andrew

    David K;1855 wrote: Something to be aware of if you get one and do it yourself is that apparently they are delivered upside down in the case. …

    “Apparently”? Now I am confused! If I take the video as a reference, does it mean the small screen tab is (in reality) on the right side (inside its box), although the tab is on the left side of that box in the video?


  8. Josh Lehrer

    In the video we had previously removed the focusing screen from the box so it might not be oriented in the same way that a new screen would be. The small tab goes on the left side of the mirror box (the side with the shutter release button).

  9. billhart

    Josh, my screen has 2 tabs. One is about half the width of the other and sticks out a little further. My viewing of the video leads me to believe the wider tab goes on the left and is grabbed by the tweezers. Does the other, narrower, tab fit in the a slot on the other side of the tray or is the edge of the tray low enough the tab fits over the edge? Bill

  10. Josh Lehrer

    To clarify, using this image as a reference:

    The wider of the two tabs (on the right side in this photo) is the one that you grab with the tweezers and what goes on the left side of the camera (when the lens mount is facing you). It is the equivalent of the single tab that is found on the standard focusing screen.

  11. royprasad

    Very precise instructions, well done. The audio and video quality of the V-Lux3 is also impressive!


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