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Leica Camera just announced that they will be changing the Leica M camera leatherette cladding for several M cameras. The
following M cameras will soon have a leatherette cladding as opposed to the previous vulcanite cladding:

Leica is making this change as the “Vulcanite” material is no longer available. After extensive quality control tests, they have selected this particular leatherette cladding for the black Leica M 9, the black and silver Leica M9-P, the Leica MP à la carte and Leica M7 à la carte. The leatherette differs from the “Vulcanite” used up to now. The new leatherette cladding is slightly softer with a flatter surface embossing and a more matte finish. This improves the users hold on the camera.

M9-P with current “Vulcanite” cladding

M9-P with new leatherette cladding

The change will be implemented during serial production, meaning that the first cameras with the leatherette cladding will be delivered shortly.

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  1. Crispsting

    The Vulcanite on my M9-P lifted after a few days and I sent it back to leica. problem is they either didn’t fix it or it lifted again. Any suggestions on what adhesive I can use rather then send it away for weeks?


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