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    Bobby Lee

    Hi Guys,

    This is a shot I have done yesterday early in the morning at the financial district in Hong Kong! Only need very very little amount of Photoshop (just a bit of burning on the top right corner.

    Not bad for a CMOS camera!


    be careful when select ‘advanced’ metering mode. The shutter will always open ready for live view. This will make the meter ready miss behave after the metering system / frame line goes off. If you just point and shoot the camera too quick (finger press too quick) the exposure will be many stops under! This is a firmware problem and hopefully Leica AG can correct it in the next update. I lost many shots the first day using the camera out on the street!

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    Pete Walentin

    Nice capture.

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    Bobby Lee

    Hi Guys,

    Just another image with the M. Lots of details in the shadow area.



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    Thanks for the posted images !!! Just waiting for my M !!!

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