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    Like new X Vario – purchased from Dale Photo – used a few days – no scuffs or wear – switching to M camera. Best offer I get over $2150 – Continental U.S. only.

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    Do you accept Paypal?

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    Sawboneslf;5002 wrote: Do you accept Paypal?

    Yes – sorry I didn’t see this – been away for a week.

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    The X Vario went to a new owner in Texas last week.

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    Is this sold yet?

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    naomisy;5816 wrote: Is this sold yet?

    Yes, it’s sold, but I wish now I hadn’t sold it. It had the perfect feel and the best zoom lens (for quality and for zooming) that I’ve ever used. I have the Monochrom and the C-112 and the DLux6 now, and also a Panasonic GM1, but I mostly carry the GM1 and I would like to have a X Vario again. Maybe I’ll sell the Monochrom and Noctilux.

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    Hi, my first post here.

    As I can see there are also several camera hoppers here as well.

    Same for me, sold the Vario las week, but still have the M240 with Nocti.
    Until now no regret that I sold the Vario but nose I want to sell M stuff to get an second hand S2.


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