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Today, Leica has announced that there will be price increases on a number of products from the M, S, X, Compact cameras, and Sport Optics lines. The new prices will be in effect on January 1, 2014. The affected items:



Compact Cameras


Sport Optics

We are able to honor all current 2013 pricing on these items until the end of the business day on December 31, 2013, as long as they are currently in stock or available for immediate delivery to us by Leica Camera USA. If you pre-order an item with Dale Photo & Digital or Leica Store Miami at the old price before December 31, 2013, we will honor that price regardless of how long it takes for the item to arrive, to the best of our ability based on current back orders.

Please feel free to call at 305-921-4433 or email us with any questions.

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