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With the new Leica S (Typ 007) on the horizon, Leica has introduced two new promotional bundles in order to clear existing stock.  When combined, this is a fantastic opportunity to get a brand new S 006 or S-E combined with a 70mm for more than $10,000 off the new price.

The S (Typ 006) / 70mm Set is $13,295 and the S-E (Typ 006) / 70mm Set is $10,295.

Both of these sets include the excellent 70mm f/2.5 Summarit-S ASPH. The lens by itself is normally $4,995 and is currently $4,396 with the 12% savings. Backing out the cost of the lens, we're talking about a new S-E for around $6,000 and a new S006 for around $9,000!

The Leica S (Typ 006) includes Leica's full 3-Year S Protection Plan, which in addition to 3 full years of comprehensive warranty coverage, also offers a courtesy loaner S camera if your body needs service, an immediate replacement of a defective body within the first 3 months of your purchase (instead of sending it for repair), and a free inspection/cleaning service. The Leica S-E includes Leica's standard 1-Year S Warranty, which covers any defects or technical issues but otherwise does not have the benefits of the full S Protection Plan. Also included with the S (Typ 006), but not the S-E are a few accessories: the Leica S-Flash Sync Cable for Leica S (Typ 006) and the Leica S-Camera USB-Cable 5m. Both cables can be purchased separately.

If you are interested in one of the sets, please contact Leica Store Miami, either by calling 305-921-4433 or by email.

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  1. Erling M Moe

    Can you please explain the technical differences between the S and the S-E, or is it only the guarantee?


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