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    Pete Walentin

    The following picture is made with the 120mm out of 28 pictures stacked with Helicon Focus. The result in 100% is okay, but away from perfect. It has some issues but I guess this is a pretty hard job for the software. But the 120mm is amazing.

    Does someone have experience with Helicon and know how to avoid the blurry areas you can see in the crop?

    Full picture:

    100% Crop:

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    I use Helicon a lot. I have never used 28 images to stack. I usually max at 8.

    I presume you were on a tripod and rail. If not you have no real chance. S2 files give the programme a headache at the best of times.

    My favoured approach at the moment is not to change the focal plane directly but to move the camera on the rail.

    With my Nikons I use the Helicon focus control software, but that is a no-no for the S2

    Nice image anyway


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