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    Even better, Nations to Watch players don’t need to be picked for the national team to receive the upgrade . This means that should Gabriel Jesus somehow doesn’t make the Brazilian squad and his countrymen win the win in Qatar, the Arsenal player will still be eligible for an additional +1.

    Finally, it is worth mentioning there is a limitation to Ones to Watch players do not get upgrades based on other promotional cards. So if Tyler Adams gets some sort of wild 90+ card in April in a new promo called Factsmashers or something similar you’re looking at, your OTW is not upgraded to reflect the new promo. (Sorry Tyler. If this helps you feel better, you are in virtually everyone’s preorder OTW bundle.)

    The unusual market for transfers of last year’s behavior meant it was not always practical or cost-effective to add top promo players to one’s team even within a few days of their debut. It could still be the case with FIFA 23, but for currently, the best Ones to Watch players are going cost you a substantial cost. As they’ve been given no updates at all which is why it’s hard to advocate spending money on them.

    At the lower end of the spectrum, Nico Schlotterbeck from Borussia Dortmund is averaging around 14k coins, which is only 4k over his price for discard. He is a decent starter center-back, though he doesn’t possess the famed ‘Lengthy’ running type, and despite Dortmund’s inconsistent form, it’s not difficult to imagine him locking in an upgrade to the Wins to Watch upgrade in the coming weeks.
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