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    Jack MacD

    I am working on a project for a B&W book focusing on shoreline. I have 23 images so far, here are four.
    Yes Kipper, is you line up three of these four, you could have a triptych.
    Which do you recommend?

    This is the project that led me to try a T vs S test that is discussed separately.

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    David K

    Jack, I’m going to limit myself to picking my favorite shot, which is the one with the file name that begins with i-dkR. (As an aside…where did those weird names come from?) I like the sky best in that one. I’m a sucker for cloud formations…we have lots of them down here in Florida. I don’t see a triptych here, but if anyone can make it happen it’s you!!!

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    Jack MacD

    Thanks for your advice.
    There is no planned triptych here, as the images will be on individual pages in a book.
    But you are right, if there was one, I would find a way.
    The naming of the images occurs because I am uploading the files to my website first.
    Then I do a screen save from that website, and the website gives them the strange names.
    Am I right that there is now a limit on the size of a image uploaded?

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