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    This is my first post! Does anyone know if the Elmarit-M 90mm 2.8 (11807) will fit on an M6TTL (0.85) and an M11 without need for external viewfinder? I just watched a video from a respected Leica photographer and he put an external viewfinder on the M11 when using the lens. Perhaps just for focus accuracy? If anyone knows, I would really appreciate it!


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    Hi There,

    That lens should be absolutely fine on the M11 or the M6TTL. Most that use an external viewfinder (I’m assuming you are taking about the x1.25 our x1.4 magnification adapters or the Visioflex type EVF) do so because focusing with the M camera’s and longer focal lengths can be a bit tricky, particularly when using them wide open or with shallow depths of field.

    Hope that helps

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