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    I don't normally get down on the grass to photograph frogs with the Leica T/18-56, since the closest focus distance is 12 inches at wide angle, and the little amphibians occupy only a small fraction of the image. In this case I was chasing a copperhead snake, and the frog and toad happened to show up in the flashlight beam. It's not easy to operate the T with one hand plus a couple of fingers, leaving just a couple of fingers for the flashlight, but it can be done as seen here. Each image was cropped to approximately 1024×1024 and then joined together, so while the overall resolution isn't the best, this is good practice for me, for getting tough handheld shots as well as salvaging weak images in simple post processing. f6.4, 1/160, ISO 800.

    Frog and Toad with Flashlight

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