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    Anyone else experienced problems specifically with NIs GuitarRig 4?

    I have the full GR5 but don't use it much, just a couple of amps I use for a good basic sound. Always worked fine, no problems at all. I recently got Komplete Elements in a trade (mainly for the Spark synth) and was surprised that the cutdown GR in that (based on GR4) has pretty much everything I use in 5. So… uninstalled 5 to see how I went with just 4. Ok for a while but then ‘something happened' (I don't know what, too much fiddling around with other plugs, the Reaper5 beta, clearing up the system with CCleaner maybe…) and Reaper started just crashing whenever GR4 was loaded. Never seen this level of crash before, Repaer isusually very well behaved for me. All other plugs ok.

    So, reinstalled GR5 and after a few rescans GR4 ok again. Uninstalled GR5 and GR4 still ok.

    I'm sure it's site specific and kind of plan on a system rebuild sometime soon (prep'ing for Windows 10 maybe) which could sort it all anyway but interested if anyone could suggest what files may have been missing that caused the issue originally.

    Windows 7 32 bit incidentally and I did report to NI who were keen but advice came down to things like ‘try unplugging your audio interface'.


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    I were given my Guitar Rig four replace Disk in report time (thinking about it took NI approximately a month and a half and about six support telephone calls to ship me my Guitar Rig 3 again in December), hooked up it no troubles, visit activate it, and BAM!:

    “Our registration system has recognized that the serial variety used for the product activation has now not been licensed successfully”

    I responded to the price ticket electronic mail and gave them all of the required facts, but being it is Saturday and given my preceding enjoy in handling NI, i'll pay attention again in about a week. i can use the demo mode, however there aren't any presets, and it's virtually traumatic to have this system close every half-hour considering I paid for it. I remember the fact that the product became simply released and there may be certain to be a few system faults, but come on.

    precise issue my Guitar Rig 3 nonetheless works just great. This on pinnacle of the many problems i've had in coping with NI within the past (unanswered help calls/tickets, ordering/billing problems) i'm no longer very satisfied with NI proper approximately now.
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