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    Hi All,

    New here. As part of my Leica rangefinder education and to prepare for a planned M10 purchase, next weekend I'm attending the Leica M10 Boot Camp sponsored by Leica Miami. Totally looking forward to the training, but had a question for the veterans in this forum. Upon taking possession of a new M10, what is the best way to verify that it's a perfectly functioning unit? Is there a “checklist” type of procedural review that is recommended?

    I'm not new to cameras so of course I would do the “normal” review of buttons, battery, etc., so more specifically, I'm curious about things like “rangefinder alignment issues” which I'm clueless about. So any thoughts on that, or other particular areas to review would be helpful from more experienced M users.

    I'm sure I can ask this question durng the upcoming Boot Camp, but I've really enjoyed immersing myself in this forum. It's played a key role in helping me figure out if an investment into the Leica ecosystem, specifally rangefinders, would be a good move for me.

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