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    Hi folks,

    Time ago, I wrote a M9 DNG to Nikon NEF converter, see here,


    I have expanded this tool to also support the X1, M8, and now I'm working on the S2. For each Leica model, I need a NEF container with a similar or bigger resolution than the DNG file, and with the release of the D800, the latest Capture NX also allows to happily process S2 files.

    The only S2 files I have been able to test are from firmware, taken from here, http://www.photographyblog.com/previews/leica_s2_photos, and I need to test recent firmware files.

    Can you provide me with S2 files of the latest/recent camera firmware? I do not need them to be nice pictures, just uncompressed DNG files.

    Volunteers may want to try the following beta on such S2 DNG files. It is a Mac OS 10.7 64bit program, set the flag “Strict compat.” to “No” to process your files,


    Many thanks in advance,


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