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    Michael Sam's historic entrance into Madden NFL 23 will be given the documentary treatment with the help of the Oprah Winfrey Network. Cameras will follow the young defensive lineman off the field while attempts to make an appearance on the St . Louis Rams' final roster through offseason practices during training camp. One place where cameras will not be following Sam is inside the Rams building as per Madden NFL 23.com's Mike Huguenin.

    The documentary is scheduled to air in six or eight segments and will cover Sam's own personal reactions to the events in and off the field. What the show will not capture is Sam playing in practice, or talking to coaches at 1. Rams Way. A lack in Hard Knocks-like depth may come as an unwelcome surprise to people who are interested. Sam's agent Cameron Weiss, who is also a producer on the documentary, said that Sam and his agent did not intend to fight the Rams to gain access, but.

    “OWN's cameras will never be able to go to the Rams facility, in the locker rooms, and to go out on the field because no one else has such rights apart from Madden NFL 23.” Weiss has been asked if the filmmakers even asked permission to shoot at the Rams facility. He replied, “It wasn't asked at all. We wouldn't want to put any of the Rams in that situation.”

    It's understandable for the Rams would not have resisted. The media coverage is anticipated to be extensive on the streets of St. Louis to cover the first player who is openly gay in Madden NFL 23 even with the absence the cameras of Oprah. Seventh-round draft selections are common players who are unable to make it through training camp, therefore it could be in Sam's best interest to concentrate as much of his efforts as possible on making the Rams' 53-man roster.
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