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    As an M9 Shooter when I heard the monochrom was coming out I was very skeptical. I thought it was the same camera but without the color option. Like buying a GT3 and getting charged extra for air conditioning delete. However this is not the case! The ISO headroom on this camera is phenomenal. I shot the Monochrom with my 50mm F/0.95 Noctilux and heres a few pictures.

    I barely had enough light to focus, the Monochrom took the shot to the next level.

    The Monochrom makes you think just a little bit differently and inspires you to shoot. I love the MONO!

    Scott Morvay

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    Very nicely done, must be like riding a bicycle…

    No one ever questioned using black and white film, I could never understand why photographers were so skeptical of a Monochrome digital camera.

    The thinking is like that of using Black and White film, more thought going into the image before it is made, less time spent on the computer “fixing it in post”. I like mine.

    Time to find editions of the “Leica Manual” by Morgan and Lester. Some good chapters on the use of color filters. Last night it was “35mm Technique” by Newcombe, 1948. A great chapter on using color filters and sensitivity of the human eye to color. after reading that chapter, use of a Yellow filter makes a lot of sense.

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    Mark Gowin

    I had the pleasure of using a Mono for a couple of hours in NYC. I can imagine how much fun you had making these images. It is a remarkable camera and its high ISO performance creates image making possibilities that were previously not possible with a rangefinder.

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    Great shots….

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