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    I think that all renovation, reconstruction and subsequent cleaning of premises must be done regularly. However my landlord is of a different opinion. He wants to save costs all the time. Who is right?

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    Depends on where you are from. Some countries really put costs saving higher than safety and let God and law be their judge. So your boss can be from one of them. But you must tell him, that things like that won’t pass in Canada!

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    Appreciated that I have come accross this information. I am planning to do my house renovation, so these tips on furniture will surely help. I also found duct cleaining in Richmond hill https://comfortclean.com/air-duct-cleaning-richmond-hill/ because the house I bought is old and needs some cosmetic cleaning of all ducts and chimneys. I am doing this for the first time in my life though. And what about you?

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    Well, it can be. But you really want that beautiful house, don’t you? So before moving in, you should re-read your rental contract. Maybe the owner just doesn’t want to spend time on finding those providers, but in exchange he provides cheaper rates? If not, you can find conditioning duct cleaning services and really arrange everything yourself. But I would also try to negotiate the rental price then. Hope I could help you.

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