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    Hi all. So I just have 1 question. If I invest money in the stock market or even start stock trading regularly, how does that affect my TDIU if at all. Thanks in advance

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    I will try and find some information to help you.

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    It’s hard to say how it will affect you. Start first, get a profit for at least a few months in a row, then you’ll understand from your budget how it’ll affect TDIU and taxes. If it’ll be a non-permanent income, then it isn’t profitable, especially if you don’t have a safety cushion. Forex, as a whole, isn’t an easy thing to do. It’s hard not to get discouraged when you lose profits. When I started, I made a huge mistake, I failed to take into account the time factor, which I read in an article about forex market time, and I invested more than I should have done the first time. I’ve abandoned it for a while, and now I’m considering resuming it. Hope I’ll be lucky.

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    Hey folks! Which trading platforms do you usually use for your trading sessions on Forex? Thanks in advance for your answers!

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    I think that if you trade on forex then it is very important to use a trading platform such as Meta Trader 4, because it will give you a lot of tools which will allow you to increase your trading efficiency. I think you should take a look at this one if you want to know how to install and start using this trading platform.

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    How can I access global financial markets with an account that is optimized for my individual financial skills, goals and needs? I would like to receive information on how to choose the right account or platform for investing and trading, as well as which financial instruments and markets would be most suitable for my experience and investment profile.

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    Certainly! I know of a great site that gives you access to the world’s financial markets and allows you to choose an account that suits your skills and needs, see https://jpfbs.com/trading. On the site you will find a variety of financial instruments and markets for investing and trading. It offers a user-friendly interface, a wide range of assets, and transparent trading conditions. You can easily open an account and start your financial activities with confidence and security.

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    Hello, everyone! I want to start trading forex. Can you share some tips with me? Or something like that, in general anything that can help a beginner is welcome.

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    I used to waste money on low-quality signals until I read fbs broker review on what to look for when choosing quality signal providers. Their advice helped me to identify and avoid fraudulent services. I also opened an account with FBS broker based on forexschool’s review. Thanks to forexschool’s invaluable recommendations, my trading profits have increased significantly!

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