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    I was hoping that if someone can save me from pulling my eyes out. I recently picked up 2 used SL cameras and I have to say, man oh man the image quality as everyone knows is amazing.

    I bought them due to the fact that I wanted Leica to become my headshot camera.

    So for the past year, I have been using Capture One with their tethering cables. Went through the frustration of the hot folder, urg! Then capture one started supporting tethering with a Leica, and I was thrilled only to find that it was choppy.

    Time and time again the camera would just stop connecting to the computer. I was using an older iMac so I thought it was the iMac, even though it needed to be replaced as the iMac was running slow, so I was finally able to pick up the new iMac and still I'm unable to shoot confidently without losing connection and getting a Camera error usually.

    I have been in contact with the capture one and they said they do support Leica even more now with the update, but it sure doesn't feel like it.

    They told me to unplug everything from the back of my iMac, and so I did, I have no card in the camera, even though sometimes the camera says no card in the camera when I am trying to tether.
    I sometimes have to revert to the Leica App on my iPad and even that sometimes loses connection.

    +1 When will Leica allow tethering straight to an iPad or computer using their own software like Phocus.

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    I have the same issue. Any tips for solution?

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    Sadly, I gave up and had to purchase a semi-used SL2, as the SL was stopping and staring when it came to tethering. Based on articles and feedback that I have received, the SL isn't up for tethering. Perhaps if Leica develops a desktop version of their app, maybe the SL will be fine.

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