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    Hey so I'm super attracted to the Leica Q. Everything I've read about it seems overwhelmingly positive. I know it's relatively crap at videos and JPEGs, but I don't want it for those things. My two reservations are of course 1) it's expensive, and 2) you're stuck with the 28mm lens.

    I've got a Nikon d7200 and a number of lenses for it currently and I just love shooting with it. It's not very compact though, it's APS-C (not too big a deal), and of course it doesn't have the Leica factor… By which I mean I'm always astounded by the photos I see coming from Leica Q, so crisp and popping.. movie like obviously. I'm not thinking of selling my Nikon, I'd be using both cameras for different situations. I think Leica Q would be fantastic for travel and just daily shooting..

    I haven't explored the realm of film, mostly because I guess ive been spoilt by digital and I like being able to review images in camera and use Lightroom too much. Also a bit uncertain about how much workflow gets affected by the need to develop film and how that all works logistically and cost wise etc (maybe you could enlighten me).

    I have a decent enough job, if I pinch a few pennies it wouldn't take too long to save enough for a Leica Q b

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