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    Hi after using the CL for 3 months I made the move to the SL2-S. So far I am loving it. I have both the TL lenses (23mm f2 & the 35mm f1.4). I have the Sigma 65mm f2 & 85mm f1.4. Although my favorite still is the M 50mm 1.4 Summilux/ASPH, based a few weeks of testing I much prefer the results coming out of the TL lenses on the SL2-S vs the full frame Sigma glass. For now I dont feel like plunging 4 to 5K for the SL Apo glass so I wanted to ask someone how much less image quality am I sacrificing by using the 23/2 & 35/1.4 TL glass vs using their FF equivalents? I dont mind the smaller 10megapixels as I dont print and I'm not a pro. I would greatly appreciate your feedback thanks in advance.

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