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    The Hague

    I love my SL with the 24-90mm lens. Waiting for the new 50mm 1.4 lens will take to the end of the year.
    In march/april the new 35mm (50mm) 1,4 TL is coming. If I take a picture with my M8 it gives me 10.5mb with great results.
    Is there anybody who has experience with T lenses on the SL?
    Thanks for any answer,
    Gerjan van Asch

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    Hello The Hague.

    Your question regarding T lenses on the SL caught my attention. Below is a copy of a Question I've just posted on this Forum, under TL lenses. Hopefully I'll get a few replies, so keep an eye out for them.

    “Having owned a Leica Q for 2 years and really loving it, I bought a pre-owned SL during early lockdown. This was because I had a few Voigtlander lenses which I used with a Fujifilm X-H1 – and I wanted to make better use of them. What an understatement that is! The Voigt 21mm f3.5 (M) and Voigt 58mm f1.8 (F) are exceptional and so relatively easy to use on the SL.

    To this end, I'd like to make more use of the SL. As I'm a member of a camera club, I spend a lot of time using 70-200mm (equivalent) but I'm sure the SL will do a better job than the crop-sensor Fujifilm glass. The Leica 90-280mm is out of my reach, so I've been considering either the f2.8 or f4 versions of Panasonic's L-mount 70-200mm zooms. Just now I've realised there's another possibility – the APO-Vario-Elmar 55-135mm which would give a focal range equivalent to 80-200mm. I expect the max apertures (variable) would change to around f5-f8 – so compared to the Panasonics that's quite a loss of light. However, I'm rather hoping the Leica glass might make up for the mathematical difficiencies …

    My question to this forum is – does anyone have experience using the 55-135 TL on an SL or SL2 and, if so, care to tell me about image quality, ease of use (i.e. in auto focus etc) and any drawbacks. Thanks in anticipation.”

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