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    Is there anyone here who studies AI? How difficult would it be for someone who has nothing to do with it at all?

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    If you are motivated to learn AI, I don't think it will be that hard. The main thing is to do it right. I think the first thing you should try to do is look at the Sypwai platform and you can find more here. It talks about their history, global idea and learning algorithm. In fact, of the investment you need to buy their application and any gadget. Even an ordinary smartphone will do. Personally, I've been learning for a few months now and it's still interesting.

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    So, in that area, you need to study

    Linear Algebra. This is going to cover vectors, scalars, vector spaces, linear combinations, matrices, eigenvalues/eigenvectors, and a lot of other important areas. This is a big one. Linear algebra is a broad area and it’s felt all through varying areas of machine learning and general AI research.
    Calculus, just take all the calculus coarse you can. Finding derivatives of scalar-valued functions, gradients. A part of this is going to be (or should be) gradient algorithms, this is going to involve stochastic gradient descent, which can come into play in quite a few areas of data analysis.

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    Artificial Intelligence is one of the breakthrough achievements of the twenty-first century. Programmers around the world know its potential and try to use AI methods when developing their systems. In real life artificial intelligence technologies are not like the robots shown in science fiction movies, in fact, they resemble the behavioral coding of our computer system. With AI https://diesec.com/de/ they make the security of your business or the security of your file systems more stable. Thanks to AI, the world is becoming a less criminal IT world.

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    If you have any programming experience and want to learn about AI, start by learning how to program. I'm not talking about going off and learning a language like Java or Python and then trying to apply that knowledge in your own projects. I'm talking about interesting opinion about how to write good programs in a real language that has an implementation of the ideas of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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    It is challenging to define artificial intelligence because it encompasses a broad range of phenomena and ideas, from straightforward mathematical algorithms that spider solitaire 2 suit patterns in data sets to sophisticated systems capable of reasoning, natural communication, problem-solving, and learning.

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    I have just found out that competition in software development is really way too high. So I really wonder if studying AI development will work for me.

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    That surely will. Because the demand for software development and AI implementation is only growing. I have recently read about new trends in AI usage in retail business and found this software development company that can handle all the development for my needs. I guess with time the scope of niches will only grow.

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