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    Hey guys,

    I got an M6 twelve months ago and have gone through six different lenses (five Zeiss, one Canon) over that period just to work out what I like with a rangefinder. I’ve now decided that I like a 35mm for street shooting and a 50mm for portraits. They are my two areas of interest in photography.

    Now I have that settled, I’d like to buy my lifetime glass. This will be Leica and perhaps one day will swap between my M6 and a digital body. I know the Zeiss stuff is supposed to be bad on the digital M’s, so I was wondering if old Leica glass is the same? Should I be aiming for as new as I can get or will older lenses work out okay?

    The 35mm doesn’t need to be fast, 2.5 or so is fine so I’ll probably go a Summarit. Am I correct in understanding that there is only one generation of this? The 50mm should be at least f2 as I also tend to prefer that focal length at night and obviously for portraits I’d like nice bokeh. Gen four Summicron seems popular but I’m very open to suggestion. I’m not loaded for cash by any means, but this is my hobby and I’m willing to save and get something nice.


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    Summarits are on their second generation now. Older = 2.5, newer = 2.4. You need to google the differences. I think some got a slightly better close focus ability. For your first lens, I would make sure they focus down to 70cm, when it comes to 35 or 50. You may want to check the Zeiss Planar 2/50. Does not break the bank and you can sell it later probably for a similar price, if you buy used. No coding required.

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