• Ornello;2138 wrote: Which films and scanning equipment do you use?

    Most of the time I use HP5+. I occasionally use Tri-X, FP4+ or Delta 3200. Most of the time I develop with Ilfotec DD-X. I occasionally use HC-110 or Rodinal.

    My scanner is an Epson V700. I do low resolution batch scans with the standard Epson negative holders. I then do…[Read more]

  • I’ve been shooting film since 1955. I only shoot B&W and develop my own film. I switched from wet printing to scanning and inkjet printing when I found I preferred the results. My main outfit is an M6 with a 35/2 Biogon. I also have a Nikon F6, a Hasselblad and an X-100 but they don’t see a lot of use.