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    Rewi;3841 wrote: Hhhhmmmm, I was very close to pulling the trigger on a used S2 but the tethered speed issue is a deal breaker.

    David Farkas or anyone else have a chance to test/review the new Leica S tethered speed at the Leica S-Studio at Photo Plus Expo :confused:

    I have used the S2 tethered a few time's,it's not as fast as a Hasselblad but still quick enough when you use file compression,I doubt the new S will be any different as they still use USB 2.

    I would expect to see usb 3 in the next version of the S.. (S4. ???)

    I would'nt let the issue stop me from buying an S,the system is a pleasure to use,great ergonomic's and super glass….

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    fotografz;3355 wrote: I currently have the S35, 70, 120, 180. I plan on adding the new 120/TS, the Elpro for the 180, and am debating on the S24mm which I have been waiting for in lieu of the S30mm.

    In addition, I have a full compliment of H/C lenses I use on an H4D/60, and also use on the S2 with the H to S Adapter: HCD/28, HC/50-II, 80, 100/2.2, 150N, 210.

    To complicate matters, Hasselblad has just announced their own HCD/24mm, which unlike the Leica S24 can be used in both CS and FP mode on the S2 providing sync speeds to 1/750 or 1/800 on the new S.

    I rarely carry all these lenses to a shoot, on vacation, or when walking about. If I am working from a vehicle, I may take a lot of selections, then pick a few to tote in a Think-Tank lens changer bag.

    By simply thinking ahead a bit, I can trim the bag to essentials. Totally depends on the creative objectives.

    Without a doubt, the most useful “street” lenses in my arsenal are the Hasselblad 50-II which is similar to a 35mm FOV from a 35mm camera … and the S70mm.

    Most used lenses for shooting a wedding are: S35mm for group shots without distorting people at the edges of the frame to badly … 30mm and 24mm are too wide. I also use the S 70 quite a bit … but without a doubt the most used now is the HC/100/2.2 which allows me to shoot with fill lighting at 1/500th or 1/750th shutter to better control brighter background and back-lighting situations, resulting in a very nice balanced lighting without blown highlights frequently experienced with available light back-lit subjects.

    An example of the HC100/2.2 can be seen here:


    Hi Marc,this is my first post here but I also read getdpi a lot and know about your equipment from your posts there,I was wondering if you had to make a choice between hassy and the S system which would you choose.. do you think the S can match h4d-60 I.Q?


Viewing 2 posts - 106 through 107 (of 107 total)