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    Jack MacD

    This is a close up of one section of a rust sculpture in the 3rd Ward of Milwaukee.

    The 3rd Ward is a redevelopment of an old warehouse section of Milwaukee.

    It is one image of a series I am working on for a triple triptych. The series will be in color, but this image looks good in B&W shot with the secret until now prototype of the yet to be announced Mono S on loan from Dale Photo.

    The series is for real, the Mono S is not.
    120mm 2.5 1/1000 ISO160 depth of focus 1″

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    Looks amazing. I love all of the little details. I like when you can study a photograph like just like a painting.

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    Nice, Jack! I like all the textured gizmos an doodads.

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    David K

    Great photo Jack…it really draws the viewer in. I find myself studying the elements of the sculpture…they are kind of fascinating. And I think it lends itself to all kinds of post processing.

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    Great shot and also a very good display of the quality of the 120mm…

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    Jack MacD

    Here is the second in the 3rd ward series. David K suggested these structural shots suggest options in post processing, which this one received. I am trying to make the shot abstract, and post processing allows for that.
    Again 120mm.
    In fact, all planned nine shots in a matrix will be just the 120mm.

    The final dimensions of each photo will be 16″x20″. Matted to a frame 24″x28″
    So the complete 3×3 matrix piece will be roughly 6'x8′

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    Jack MacD

    Back in Wisconsin, I am back working on this series.

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    Jack MacD

    More for the series, this one in blue

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    Jack MacD

    This 3rd ward series has progressed over the last year.
    Here are a few more shots. They are all now B&W

    There is now a home for this series. Joe Donovan printed the entire series 24″x16″.
    Some of which were then framed and arranged in a 3 X 3 matrix ( three triptychs )
    The result will be shown in my next posting

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    Jack MacD

    This is the installation of nine of the 16″x24″ prints by Joe Donovan. in a 3 X 3 matrix.
    The client clearly has a very modern loft type house, that is built on top of a seven story condo in the 3rd Ward and wanted very industrial looking photos to compliment the neighborhood. Lots of curves in this loft, so they chose lots of curves in the photos.

    The photograph shown in the upper right is 7.5 feet by 5 feet and has been discussed in another post.

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