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    David Farkas

    We recently returned from leading a great group of participants in the Florida Keys and Everglades for our latest Leica Photo Adventure. The trip was a mix of both M and S shooters, so I thought I'd create a common thread where everyone can post some of their images.

    Here is a selection of my favorite shots from the trip. All taken with the Leica S (Type 006). Most were with the 30mm Elmarit-S ASPH (which I absolutely loved on this particular outing).

    I'm looking forward to everyone posting up a few of their favorites from the trip as well. Based on the slideshow of images at the end of the workshop, I know there are no shortage of great images from this group.

    Sunrise at Pa-Hay-Okee in Everglades National Park among the dwarf cypress:

    A drogonfly in the Everglades, shot with 120mm APO-Macro, cropped a bit:

    Sunset at Smather's Beach in Key West:

    Long exposure after sunset on Smather's Beach in Key West:

    Sunrise at Big Pine Key:

    Stump in Big Pine Key, just after sunrise:

    Tree stump at Anne's Beach. This one required wading out in thigh-deep water and using a combination of 4 and 6 stop ND filters to get a total of 10 stops, netting a 12 second exposure.

    Two images from Fort Jefferson in Dry Tortugas National Park. These were both focus-stacked using the 120mm APO-Macro.

    Sunset in Bahia Honda State Park:

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    Jack MacD

    Very nice work, I hope others post too.


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    Beautiful Photographs David!!! WOW!

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    Very nice images, David, thanks for sharing. I particularly like the colors in the long exposure after sunset on Smather's Beach. The blue sky is fantastic.

    How many shots did you use for the focus-stacking?

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    David Farkas

    peterv;4510 wrote: Very nice images, David, thanks for sharing. I particularly like the colors in the long exposure after sunset on Smather's Beach. The blue sky is fantastic.

    How many shots did you use for the focus-stacking?


    The horizontal archway shot was 7 images, the vertical was 6 shots. I basically manually focused on each column starting at the front and working my way back. Stacking was done just with Photoshop CS6 using Auto-Align Layers and Auto-Blend Layers (in stack mode).

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    David K

    Great stuff…all of them really well done. Hope to see more from some of the workshop participants.

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    Josh Lehrer

    I didn't shoot very much, but here are a few of my favorites from the trip:

    I was able to shoot a bit with the new Leica M and some interesting lenses including the Leica APO-Elmarit-R 180mm f/2.8 (used on the black and white shot of the bricks) and a Zeiss Contax Vario-Sonnar 35-70mm f/3.4 (used on the last image). I know that our participants got some great images and I can't wait to see them here!

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    Jack MacD

    Where is your shot of you with all the cameras again?

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    Josh Lehrer

    Sadly I didn't take another absurd photo of me with all the cameras…I knew I could never top the photo from New England!

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    Enjoyed my R lenses as well as M lenses on this fantastic journey.



    RX-1 taken by my wife




    This was why it was worth getting out of the sack at 4am some mornings.

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    Some first LR work with the above lens.

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    The details rock!:cool:

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    The last pic is surreal:p

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    Pete Walentin

    Really nice.

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    Pete Walentin

    Really, really nice.

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    I have another one, but it got bounced here as being too large so I will resize and post later today.

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    koala54;4522 wrote: The last pic is surreal:p

    It's all in the mirrors I carry with me.

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    Mark Gowin

    I figured it was time for me to show some of my photos especially since I had to leave early on Sunday and missed the slide show.

    First morning sunrise.

    S2, 30-90mm Vario-Elmar at 30mm, 2 image stack, Everglades, near Long Pine Key Campground

    S2, 180mm, 3 image stack, I am posting 2 versions of this image – one as captured and another with diagonal blade of grass removed and white balance cooled a bit. I wanted to like the original, but something kept bugging me about it. I think I like the second version better.

    S2, 35mm, Smathers Beach, One during late evening and another after sunset

    S2, 180mm, Baby Gator, This image is a crop from a landscape orientation photo

    S2, 30-90mm Vario-Elmar at 90mm, Mangrove on Big Pine Key after sunrise

    S2, 30-90mm Vario-Elmar at 65mm, Dingy and Mangroves in Islamorada

    S2, 30-90mm Vario-Elmar at 30mm, 3 image stitch panorama, near Long Pine Key Campground

    S2, 30mm, Fort Jefferson, Dry Tortugus

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    Very nice ..looks like a great trip. 😎


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    Mark Gowin

    Thank you Roger. I wish you could have come along.

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    Downsized big time, but another APO 50 shot. Single shot at f8.0.

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