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I'd like to introduce Josh Lehrer, a relatively new addition to our team at Dale Photo and Digital. He is a recent graduate of RIT in commercial photography and had been working in New York City as a photo assistant, consultant and retoucher before moving to South Florida. Josh has extensive experience with all current digital systems, and holds digital tech certifications in Phase One, Leaf and Hasseblad.

Josh and I were talking a few weeks ago how there seems to be a fair amount of confusion with the instruction manual that comes with the Leica S2, as well as some misconceptions of those who haven't yet had an opportunity to actually try out the camera. So, we made a series of short videos, explaining every feature and menu option on the camera in a simple and easy-to-understand approach. This way, anyone buying, renting, or just wanting to know more about the operation of the S2 can have a clear and concise overview.

We hope that these videos prove to be helpful and informative, and will definitely be working on some more video content about the S2 in the near future. As always, comments and feedback are always welcome.

If you are interested in following our future video content, check out the Dale Photo and Digital YouTube channel.

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