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The Leica M Edition “Leica 60” became the darling of this past Photokina. Leica had the audacity to launch a digital camera with no LCD screen and no menus, epitomizing Leica's rallying cry of Das Wesentliche, the essentials. Commemorating 60 years since the iconic Leica M3 changed the landscape of photography in 1954, the Leica M Edition 60 is limited to just 600 sets worldwide.

It is even more gorgeous in person than in photos. Machined from solid stainless steel, the camera has a substantial heft and feels like it will last just about forever. Housed inside the masterpiece of industrial design, again a collaboration with Audi Design, is all the modern trappings of the M-P (Typ 240), complete with 24MP CMOS sensor and 2GB of buffer RAM.

Leica Store Miami received its first delivery of this limited edition set and we had to opportunity to do a complete unboxing, thanks to a very nice customer who was picking up the camera in store. Check out the gallery below for the complete unboxing:

Included with the camera is a matching stainless steel 35mm f/1.4 Summilux-M ASPH FLE, stainless steel caps and lens shade, a gray leather half case with strap, lens cloth, hardbound instruction booklet, certificate of authenticity, and of course, white gloves complete with Leica logo. Even the box is cool, with rounded ends and nice textured finish. All this can be yours for $18,500.

If you want to get your own Leica M Edition “Leica 60”, place a pre-order with Leica Store Miami. While the first batch of these limited sets are all spoken for, Leica Store Miami expects to receive more in the coming weeks. With any questions, call 305-921-4433 or email.

Okay, this camera is so stunning, we just couldn't stop taking pictures. Enjoy some more below!

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  1. John Lou Miles

    I saw a few photos of this online but from the front only, I had no idea there are no rear controls or LCD! If I had the money to buy this if there is no doubt I’d use it as my main camera, limited edition be damned! Best of both film and digital in one camera. One could only hope Leica makes a branch of 240s in this same configuration for those who would enjoy shooting with no LCD.

  2. Ronit Singh

    I got my copy, in Feb 2020 for half the price of the original asking price (Used of course) but in minty condition, from Leica store SF.

    I cannot get over the body design, it is so clean, nothing sticking out, same with the lens, the lens was what attracted me later to buy this after 6yrs of it coming out. The plan was to sell off the body and keep the lens, BUT because I love the no screen concept and after using it, I decided to keep it! There is a few things I do not like and that is I wish it had a base ISO of 100 and it would be as thin as the M9 or M10, but that aside I am loving the body, the top plate is not as deep as any conventional M camera even more stunning to look at and gives you that extra bit more grip of the letatherat. The one thing I appreciate a lot is the on-off switch and the shutter button, simple yet beautiful, I wish leica would have carried that with the M10, talking about the on-off dial not having a separate tab at the back to indicate when it was on or off. Love the color and LOVE that its stainless steel. Material for me is very important, aluminum is soft, brass is ok but stainless is amazing, hard solid material, as heavy as brass if you look at the density of both, stainless is a ted lighter.

    Love the vintage look of the lens shade and I keep it on all the time, Lens cap – get a HAMA (german made) 46mm snap on cap to work with the lens shade, it has the release tabs on the inside so easier to put in and take out, don’t get any generic brand cause it does not work, I tried it.

    I asked Leica if they could add strap eyelets/lugs to the body and they said NO, its their policy not to change anything on limited edition pieces. I am working on an attachment to hook from the tripod mount below the camera and hang it upside down, although the leather case is neat, I hate the idea of hiding the camera in that. Very nice set indeed, I am all about using it and being careful with it at the same time,


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