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Hi David,

Thanks for your detailed reply.

David Farkas;1783 wrote:
The reason for limiting the exposure time is Leica's approach to quality standards. They are hesitant to allow users the option of something that would produce less-than-optimal results.

AAAAAAGGGHH!!! What is it with these “nanny-state” manufacturer attitudes to what is permissable in photography?! Hasselblad are just as bad as Leica. Let ME, the CUSTOMER, the PHOTOGRAPHER, the ARTIST, be the judge of what is optimal or not! 😡 Leica, stop f*cking constraining us with YOUR ideals of quality! Unfetter the long exposure times!

David, you sell a lot of Leica gear, so you have weight. If you ever get to meet a Leica head honcho in person, slap them repeatedly in the face until they admit how WRONG they are on this. I mean it.

For heaven's sake, what's next? You're about to take a shot when the camera screen lights up with the message “My gravity sensors indicate that you are trying to shoot handheld at 1/15 second. This will probably cause camera shake and impair image quality. Leica Camera AG does not permit this. The camera will now power down in 3 seconds…2…1…”.

David Farkas;1783 wrote:
I will certainly pass the request on to Leica as I have been doing since the camera launched.

Good man! Keep the pressure on them.