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    Hi folks,

    I just got a Leica CL Starter Bundle (with the Elmarit TL 18mm) and I also purchased a Summicron 23mm lens. I wanted to know if I should be using a filter while on the safari part of my trip? I am assuming I'll be in an open top Land Rover and there would be a lot of sunshine.

    Has anyone gone on a safari with any Leica (not just a CL) and thought they should have used a filter?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.



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    Jack MacD

    For a safari you will want a fast telephoto lens as the animals are not always within 10 feet during the day. Many times at dusk or dawn in low light. Yes amping up the iso will help. Yes digitally zooming in your 23 will help. But consider renting a tele zoom or prime.
    But you asked about filters. The coating on today’s lenses is very sturdy. Bring a lot of lens cleaners. Things get very dusty. Protect your lenses with lens shades. They are better for protection. Oh, and my hero in the field never even bothers to use lens caps. On a safari you will just lose the caps and they slow you down.

    That aside, I do have a filter over my 18mm as I want to keep it a pancake and do not want it with a lens shade when I am putting it in my pocket. I do not have a lens cap in that lens.

    Finally, consider renting an extra CL for having the wide on one body and the tele on the other. Then you don’t have to change lenses in dusty conditions. Also faster.

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