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    Jack MacD

    I was on my first visit to Busch Stadium in St. Louis, MO yesterday. I was there for the second game of the National League Championship Series between the Cardinals and the Dodgers.

    When I go to a sports contest, I know the sports photographers have the location and equipment to capture the sport close up. So if I bring a camera, it is to attempt to capture the crowd feel with either a super wide-angle or a moderate 90mm telephoto. Yeah, I did try and capture a pitch and a swing, but a single super-wide was the objective.

    A rangefinder is handy for capturing a batter’s swing since you can watch the pitch in the edge of the viewfinder to time the shot.

    The final two super-wide 16mm shots are the final batter at the end of an incredible pitching dual.

    I am uploading this work late at night from a small laptop, so my color and exposure may be sub-optimal at this point.

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