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    Hi folks, just getting use to my CL so lots of questions eventually. Firstly, is it possible to shoot in black & white using RAW? I’ve read the manual and as far as I understand it you can only shoot JPG? Is this the case if so why?
    Gerry McG

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    Hey, congratulations for this excellent webinar on black and white conversion, theoretical (you gotta know what you’re doing) and examples by Lightroom, ACR. I think this is an excellent starting point for beginners to even the most advanced photographers.
    Greetings from Europe.
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    Quite simple really. Set the camera for DNG & JPEG. Set your film style to B&W and set your preferences for sharpness and contrast – and shoot. Your DNG files will always be color and your JPEGs will be monochrome. You can use your JPEGs for any purpose or process your DNG files to black and white.

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