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    Jack MacD

    While her father tossed her high above the pool surface, the T was on “continuous”
    I can't capture this with the iPhone.
    Still learning. I find that the program mode will not choose a high enough spread for action. I should have switched to S for select shutter speed.

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    Great shot Jack!

    – Marc

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    Wonderful photo … sweet memories for years to come.


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    Jack MacD

    Thanks guys.
    i had the T set on auto everything, and I learned that the T auto selects a nice low 100 ISO which provided f5.6 at 1/500. Which with a 23mm lens would normally have been fine. If I had chosen say 800 ISO I would have had a bit more speed, say 1/1500 and f 11, and had a perfect shot. The “face recognition” focus mode for some reason just can't quite grab focus on a very fast moving object in “continuos” mode. But the father who asked me for the shot is quite happy and therefore I'm not telling him I could have done even better.

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