Discussion Forum Leica S System Images to Share Christmas at the Marietta, GA National Cemetery
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    S2 70mm

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    Mark Gowin

    I like it. Well done. The sun angle is great for backlighting the flag and stone building. However, it puts the wreaths leaning on the headstones in shadow. To bad you can’t have it all.

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    Bob Moore

    A little fill light for the wreathes and perspective correction for the convergence would make it ideal….

    Nice capture.



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    Al Tanabe

    A fine salute to those brave men and women who gave their all.

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    David K

    Atanabe;1526 wrote: A fine salute to those brave men and women who gave their all.

    As well as those who continue to do so….

    With regard to the corrected version…it looks better to my eye but the top of the flag has now been cut off. Should be a fairly simple correction in Photoshop and one that’s worth doing (IMHO).

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    Bob Moore

    Yes I pulled it too far…flag could remain and context aware fill would easily add sky.


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    Personally moving shot for me. Thank you for posting this.

    Not long ago, my Father was buried in a similar place with full military honors … the Great Lakes National Memorial Cemetery. When we were driving through this massive place to the point of ceremony, every single military person along the way snapped to attention and saluted as we passed.

    He was a WW-II Tail-Gunner in the Pacific Theatre … at the ripe old age of 18. His name was Carl Robert Williams, least we forget that all these brave people had names, and were individuals.

    He went on to become a Fire-Fighter for the City of Detroit, and provided for 6 children.

    A heroic life without complaint, or expectation of accolades. The attention at the funeral would have embarrassed him.

    Tough act to follow.

    Christmas is a bit empty without him.


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