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    Doug Herr

    In another thread (not wanting to hijack it) Mark Gowin wrote:

    Mark Gowin;5764 wrote: I have seriously considered getting the S/Contax adapter and the Contax 350mm to satisfy my occasional urge to shoot wildlife.

    I admit to having the same thoughts, especially since a 1.4x Mutar was originally bundled with this lens. David K responded:

    David K;5769 wrote: I’m not sure I’m the best person to answer your question on whether the adapter and a long lens would be a good choice. I’ve shot with all the super telephotos from both Nikon and Canon and think they are superb. And the AF on both those systems is light years better than a Contax lens on the S2 would be. Add in the limiting ISO on the S2 system…well, you get my point. Over the years I’ve seen several photographers try to move to MF for wildlife and none of them succeeded.

    I have to wonder if the photographers who tried using medium-format for wildlife tried changing from orthodox wildlife photography technique to suit the MF cameras.

    There’s more to wildlife photography than super telephotos, high ISO, fast frame rates and fast AF; my technique emphasizes a different approach: my long wildlife lens is 280mm (plus extenders, and I’ve used 180mm, 100mm and 90mm lenses too), the DMR can do 2 frames/sec with a good tailwind, for all practical purposes the ISO tops out at 400, and I don’t use AF at all so for me AF speed is irrelevant. I have to wonder what other issues I’d face with an S2 and the 350mm lens for wildlife, and what unexpected difficulties the other wildlife photographers encountered.

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    Bob Moore


    With you technique you would be fine…overjoyed with the output I am sure.

    I used a Leica S-2P with Pentax 300 EDIF F4 lens on an adapter for the following shots….both manual focus on a monopod.

    The Heron shot was very low light and was across the lake as they spook very easily here in Texas….the Mallard in better light and somewhat closer.

    So the Contax 350 should give you more reach and better contrast but manageable with your experience.



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    Doug Herr

    Thanks Bob

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    The Mamiya 300mm F2.8 APO is very good performing lens – nice 3D feel to its images. I don’t see them on Ebay much anymore. They typically sell for $2000-$3000 US depending on condition. I like the lens on S2, but it’s a big set-up. I think the lens weighs around 6.5 pounds. F2.8 imaged attached (taken with the S2).

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