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    Just letting you all know that the CS glass is shipping as I was sold one today by my dealer in England,collecting it next week when I am there for a family visit…

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    So what happened to the promised upgrade program ?

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    Roger;3962 wrote: So what happened to the promised upgrade program ?

    I just asked my dealer the same question,and they still don’t know,the leica rep (UK) is calling in in a week or so and that question will be top of the agenda,his best guess now is that they replace the non-CS lens with a CS lens and you pay the price difference.. but we will know soon enough..

    When I sold my S2 I sold it with a couple of non CS lenses but I kept my 30mm and am keen to add CS to it.

    As soon as I get a definite answer from him I will post the info here..

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    I really get mad on the CS-lenses.

    I gave my 120 to my dealer for the upgrade, but he didn’t send it nowhere as he don’t know nothing about the upgrade program (he asked me to joind the packing thought).

    Same for my 70 that I finally canceled to upgrade for the same reason.

    And not to speak for my Elpro, that was told to be in stock, but finally wasn’t (or sold to someone else): No idea when it should come.

    The CS (customer service) of Leica is as absent as the CS-lenses 🙁

    Whish you all a merry Christmas 😉

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    This arrived a few weeks ago,still waiting on a reply about the upgrade program..

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