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    Joel Aron


    I finally own an M9-P, and I’m no stranger to M’s, but something with the battery has me perplexed.

    When the camera arrived from Dale Photo, i did not do a thing with the camera until I charged the battery completely. I charged the new battery for nearly 7 hours. Both solid green and orange lights were on. I put the battery in the camera, and the info showed about 98’ish percent. Didn’t think about it.. that night, I put my second battery (new) on the charger, and left it there till about noon the next day (over 16 hours). Both lights were on again (orange and green solid). I put the battery in the camera, and again, not 100%… just shy. a little red showing in the info screen.

    So, no real problems. Camera is freakin awesome. Both batteries have been cycled (drained and recharged) at least twice, and still not 100% when I drop a freshly charged battery. (that I can tell). I have the most recent firmware.

    I can totally live with this, but I’m curious if this is what everyone else is seeing with new batteries?

    Thanks for reading!
    -Joel Aron

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    Well, this is common. The longer you charge your batteries the nearer you get to 100%, but rarely reach it. I have 3 batteries for the M9 and they are all the same. Btw from what I heard so far a complete recycling of the batteries is not needed or helpful, and will in contrary reduce batterie life.

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