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    Bought a Leica Macro Elmar M 1:4/90mm recently to serve dual purpose as a compact telephoto and for digitizing film.
    All images digitized were shot using Leica M-A on Ilford Delta 400.

    Digitizing kit used:
    1. Fujifilm X-Pro3 Body. The 1.5x crop APS-C sensor has an advantage considering the 1:2 reproduction ratio of the Macro Elmar M with adapter
    2. Leica Macro Elmar M 1:4/90mm (11670)
    3. Leica Macro Adapter M (14652)
    4. Fujifilm X-mount to Leica M-mount adapter
    5. Negative Supply 95 CRI 4×5 Light Source Basic
    6. Negative Supply Film Carrier Mk 1
    7. Capture One 22 Pro
    8. Adobe Photoshop CS6

    Images were digitized at
    1. F/10
    2. Auto shutter speed
    3. +2 EV

    Images were exported from Capture One Pro as 16bit tiff before editing in Photoshop CS6

    It was difficult focusing on film grain using either LCD on the X-Pro3 or tethered live view from Capture One.
    Therefore focus meter on Capture One was used instead.

    Attached are some samples.

    Conclusion: Yes the Leica Macro Elmar M 1:4/90mm can be used for digitizing film with good results. Film grain was resolved with negligible distortions (see sample Pro-Capture One 00039_00.jpg) observed .


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