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    Henrik Palshoej

    Hi all,

    In connection with I did my camera clean today, I observed a dust grain on the inside of the front ellementet. I know with time, there will be dust in, but I have canon lenses that are many years old without any visible dust. It is to be expected, it is 2 months old, and cared it as a baby, always lens hood on.

    The pix is great but.

    Regards Henrik

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    I’ve had dust and stuff with the Leica Monochrom, so someone suggested shooting a cloudless sky, and look close for any spots. But that’s mostly for sensor dust. For lens dust I think you should test for 2 things at least – loss of contrast, since the dust will not be visible, but the blur could lower the contrast. The second thing would be any sort of diffraction or scatter, which you might be able to detect when shooting lights.

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