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    Al Tanabe

    Hello all,
    Ashwin Rao and I will be exhibiting our work from June 23rd to August 18th at the Glazer’s Gallery with an opening reception on July 9th. If you are in the Seattle area, drop by and take a look at the images. Leica generously sponsored the opening reception food and drink.

    The images for me were taken on a seminar with David Alan Harvey, Ira Block and Michael Yamashita in Bangkok, Thailand. Ashwin’s images come from a variety of his trips to India and Vietnam. Basically a South East Asia themed show. All images were taken with the M9 cameras.

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    Congrats gentlemen! I wish you the best of luck from the diametrically opposite corner of the country!

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    Al Tanabe

    Thank you from the colder part of the world!

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    Mark Gowin

    Al, I would have loved to come see your exhibit.

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    Jonathan SlackAvatar photo

    Hi Guys
    Congratulations on the Exhibition – I hope it’s a roaring success – I’m afraid it’s a bit far for me to pop in, but I’m sure that it’ll be excellent.

    all the best

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    Congrats on the exhibition! Hope it evolves into a road show 😉
    Best regards,

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    Al Tanabe

    We had over 100 visitors celebrating the opening of the exhibit on Saturday. One visitor came all the way from Texas to see the work. Overall, a fun time was had by all.

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    Congratulations on the joint show! The film-strip-on-light-table graphic seems unusual for an M9 show. Especially mixed color and B&W positives on one strip. 🙂 It’s been far too long since I’ve visited Glazers; I should make a point of making the trip to see your show there while it’s up. I’ve admired Ashwin’s photos posted elsewhere…

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    David K

    Sounds like your exhibition was a success… congrats. The process of selecting my best images has always been a challenge for me (and, I suspect, many others)… and that’s in the absence of preparing for an exhibit. If either or both of you are in the mood to share your thoughts on this it would be of great interest to me.

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