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    Here is a copy of a letter I wrote to the Manager of the Leica LA Store and to their Corporate Office.

    To the Manager of the Leica LA Store: I’d like to relate to you my family’s experience at your store. On Saturday, May 20, 2017 (yesterday) my elderly parents, who both just celebrated their 78th birthday this month, and I entered your store at around 2pm. I had been planning this visit clandestinely for a few weeks. My father has always been a photo enthusiast and became interested in the Leica brand after a trip through Europe. He mentioned it to me, and I decided to surprise him with a visit to your store since he was unaware that Leica had a physical store relatively close to where we live in Orange County. The goal was to buy him an introductary model – the V LUX – and have him grow his collection from there. If he liked the camera and the brand, my dad would graduate into the better models, while I would probably get the V LUX passed to me eventually (I am not as much of a photo enthusiast). In order to maintain the surprise, I told my parents that we were going to Griffith Park and Observatory for the day to see the sight and do some light hiking. So we were dressed for hiking, with some backpacks to carry water and casual wear. They had no idea about the visit to your store. When we walked into the store, there was another Asian couple (we are Asian too) already being helped by one of your salesmen. They already had a few accessories and a camera out on a table and were busy going through their business. Fine. There was also another salesman who was behind the counter at the register, looking on at the other salesman with that couple with some kind of interest.

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    Thank you so much

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