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    Working with the S2 I have found that a Think Tank Lens Bag for 2 lenses is ideal . While I have the 4 lenses I can usually pick 3 that cover the shooting opportunity . So the camera and lens are on my left shoulder (with the camera in hand ) and the TT bag is off my right shoulder but across the chest so that the bag sits in the small of my back.

    While this is great for shooting I have nothing for travel that works well. I use the TT airport roll bag which when packed using some bubble wrap really protects the kit. But it forces me to check a bag .

    I need a shoulder bag that can carry the body and four lenses or even a decent one that will handle the body and 2 lenses and then I with wrap 2 lenses for my roll on luggage .

    I did find that my Billingham Hadley large will handle 3 lenses almost perfectly including the 180 with the hood on. So I suppose I could wrap the body and a lens and then use the BHL for 3 lenses .

    Spoiled by my M9 s .

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