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    <p>buy FIFA 20 Comfort Trade v2.0 With FIFA 20 EA SPORTS integrated a new system for the release of each Icon versions. The coveted ex-professionals are available in four different versions in different time windows. Fitting for the release of the new spin-off the two windows for the base and the mid-icons opened the former version will no longer be available from mid-December. They are replaced by the Prime Icons which describe the legends at the constant zenith of their footballing creative power.<br />
    <br />
    Since the first Icon Swaps Release and the Baby Icon Upgrade SBC expire on December 20 it can be assumed that the same time as the Prime Version will start. This chronological sequence would also go very well with the rumored FUTMAS launch next Friday (13.12.). The prime icons will be available until the end of FUT 20 and represent the second highest rated variant of the legends accordingly their release should also trigger some movementcheap FUT 20 Comfort Trade v2.0 in the transfer market. The highest rated variant will be the MOMENTS VERSION it will be available from February 2020 and also until the end of the season.<br />
    Basic icons could be expensive<br />
    <br />
    But not only the appearance of the new versions will affect the market: the basic icons will disappear from the packs as they close their time window so the offer will drop drastically in the following weeks and months. The prices for basic icons could rise significantly due to the non-saturated demand a sale before the release of the Prime variant is not recommended.<br />
    <br />
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