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    David Farkas

    If you have suggestions for Leica to implement in future firmware updates for the M9, post them here.

    I’ll start it off with something that has been bugging me since I first tested the M9:

    If you have a non-6-bit coded lens and use manual lens selection in the menu, then change to a 6-bit coded lens but forget to set the lens selection setting back to auto, you will get the wrong lens data. I would prefer that if you are in manual mode and mount a 6-bit coded lens, the camera would either override your manual selection, or pop up an alert asking if you would like to change to auto lens detection.

    Any other ideas?

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    David Farkas;581 wrote: Any other ideas?

    What you said, David. However I’d like the behaviour to be customizable—i. e. switching back to automatic lens detection automatically should be optional. So rather than three lens detection options (Auto, Manual, Off) there should be four. The new option would be the same as Auto for 6-bit-coded lenses and the same as Manual for uncoded lenses; it would always remember the last user’s choice from the menu for an uncoded lens (that means “Uncoded” should be added to the lens menu). However I cannot think of a sleek name for that mode … :confused:

    Furthermore I’d like a fifth option that would be similar to Off but not quite. It would disable all in-camera lens corrections but keep recording 6-bit lens data (lens id, focal length, max. aperture) in the image file’s EXIF data.

    Another point that keeps annoying me is the camera trying to save energy when the battery status is low. I do appreciate a “battery low” warning in the display, but I want the camera to keep working normally until it actually shuts off.

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    How about showing the shutter speed in the view finder when in full manual mode?

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