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    Jack MacD

    120mm with portable studio lighting.
    I have wanted to capture high resolution close-ups for some time, I now have the tools to create huge enlargements.

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    Kurt Kamka

    Beautiful, Jack! The S2 is certainly the right tool for the job.


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    Al Tanabe

    I like #2, the flower stems look like fireworks with the flowers bursting through.

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    David K

    Gorgeous shots… love them all. Out of curiosity what kind of lighting setup do you use?

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    Jack MacD

    David put me onto the Elincrom Ranger QUadra. It's a battery powered light weight 400ws portable strobe. I use a single head firing through a diffusing umbrella to avoid harsh shadows, also allows for a high f stop. Pretty easy set up.

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    David K

    Thanks Jack. I've read good things about the Quadra… and the results speak for themselves. Nice work.

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    Mark Gowin

    These photos are great. How did you manage to get the generous depth of field? My experience has been too shallow depth of field even with the 70mm at closest focus distance.

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    Jack MacD

    f11 gives a bit of depth. If it doesn't, there is always focus stacking. Didn't need it this time, but it's always a nice option.
    The 120mm does not allow you to get 1:1. Cropping does. That affects perceived depth of focus. Haven't tried a close up filter yet. That for sure would require focus stacking.

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